The myWorld Plug-in

The myWorld Plug-in - the online shopping helper

The myWorld Plug-in - the online shopping helper

Making shopping easier, better and more enjoyable for myWorld shoppers is one of the central themes for us at myWorld, which is why product management, design and software development are constantly working to design new products, plan them, bring them to market and then continuously improve them.

One of these new products is the myWorld plug-in. Launched in 2021, it is now available in a further improved version for the most popular desktop browsers. But what is the myWorld Plug-in anyway, and how does it help myWorld shoppers with their online purchases?

In a nutshell, the myWorld Plug-in is an extension for the most popular desktop browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari that can be installed directly from the extension platform of the respective browser. Once installed, the myWorld plug-in ensures that myWorld shoppers can easily find myWorld partners when they shop online and then also receive their benefits in the form of cashback and shopping points every time.

To make this as straightforward as possible for shoppers, our specialists have come up with some very handy features for the myWorld Plug-in. Since the Google search engine is the first port of call for many shoppers looking for products online, the plug-in highlights the online stores of partners, including the cashback and Shopping Points granted there, in the search results. This way, myWorld shoppers immediately see where they can store with their usual benefits.

If shoppers click on the link to a myWorld partner's online store or head directly to the store, the plug-in reminds them to activate their cashback. This is done simply by clicking on the plug-in's notice. After that, the shoppers make their purchase and receive their cashback as well as their Shopping Points.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the benefits also end up in your myWorld profile, you'll find another feature in the myWorld plug-in that was invented by myWorld: the Shopping Tracker. With a single click, it checks whether the settings of the browser, firewall or antivirus software allow an online purchase to be recorded with myWorld and also provides information on what to do if they do not.

Since many shoppers use newsletters to find products they would like to buy, myWorld has also come up with a convenience feature for this that has been integrated into the myWorld plug-in. Gmail users also get an overlay when they receive newsletters from myWorld partners that they collect benefits when they shop there, so they know it's worth their while to take a closer look at those newsletters.

All in all, myWorld has thus created a practical tool that myWorld shoppers can use at any time to collect cashback and shopping points when making their online purchases. From the product idea to the finished implementation of the myWorld plug-in, the project was supervised by myWorld and, of course, further improvements will follow in the future to make online shopping even more convenient with benefits for myWorld shoppers.

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