The new myWorld Benefit Lounge

The new myWorld Benefit Lounge

New myWorld Benefit Lounge

More and better ways to use the benefits collected while shopping with for further purchases is always a central theme in product development at myWorld. It is of course important that myWorld shoppers collect their benefits from as many partners as possible as easily as possible, but it is just as important that these benefits also bring them what their name promises. That's what we're working on intensively, and that's why we've implemented the Benefit Lounge for

What is the Benefit Lounge? In addition to the ever-popular cashback, myWorld shoppers also receive Shopping Points for every purchase they make from a partner. Shoppers redeem these Shopping Points for deals on products, services and travel, in return for which they receive generous discounts. The Benefit Lounge is the place where myWorld shoppers can find the most interesting deals quickly and easily.

Development, project management, design, programming and marketing were all done at myWorld. In summary, the requirements sound quite simple: a clearly arranged platform where users can quickly find deals and redeem them as easily as possible. The actual implementation, however, was a bit more challenging. Deals from various sources - myWorld, local myWorld partners and travelWorld - had to be bundled in one place and presented in a meaningful and appealing way. Depending on the deal source, a separate checkout also had to be taken into account.

The designers and programmers at myWorld were thus challenged to come up with and implement a user-friendly overall solution. The successful end result can be found at and now opens up numerous opportunities for myWorld shoppers to secure numerous discounts with their Shopping Points. Supported by extensive marketing measures from myWorld, the launch of the Benefit Lounge was also a complete success, which continues thanks to exciting top deals and ever new deals from a wide range of industries.

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