The Shopping List of the future

The Shopping List of the future

The Shopping List of the future

Shopping lists have been an integral part of shopping trips for a long time. The classic is the normal sheet of paper or a notepad on which all relevant products are written down and checked off. With the advent of smartphones, these lists then became digital, in most cases simply being created in various note-taking apps and, if necessary, shared with each other.

For the product developers at myWorld, it was clear that there was still a lot of potential here to make shopping lists not only more convenient, but also more valuable for myWorld's Shoppers. This resulted in a project in which product management, UI & UX design, and software development designed the shopping list of the future, which is being rolled out step by step.

A simple basis

The first step was quite simple: build a well-functioning application in which users can create multiple shopping lists and place a wide variety of entries in them, as well as check them off or delete them. This basis then found its way onto and into the myWorld app. This was nothing new on the market, but it still helped myWorld Shoppers to link their shopping with partners directly in their profiles.

Next came a feature to share lists with family and friends. Now this wasn't anything that was unprecedented either, but it was an important enhancement nonetheless. So groups shopping for or with each other have the ability to share a list synced with each other where they can add, check off and remove items at any time - very handy for family or party shopping.

A step into the future with AI

And now myWorld is taking the step into the future that makes the myWorld shopping list something special. That's because it incorporates an AI that helps myWorld Shoppers shop even smarter. Based on the entries in a list, the AI immediately provides the best shopping suggestions to get the desired products at myWorld partners. And if there are special offers to get the products at a particularly low price, the Shoppers also receive information about this. If there are any consumer goods on the list for which there are cost-saving purchase subscriptions, these are also suggested.

This means that myWorld Shoppers not only always have a handy overview of what they want to buy, they also receive information at all times about where they can get their desired products at a low price. And since they are shopping with myWorld partners, they also receive cashback and shopping points. Thus, the shopping list of the future from myWorld will be a companion full of advantages.

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